Motorola Cellular Telephone

• Easy to use, no long term contracts, UNLIMITED domestic calling included!

$195/week   •    Click for Quote
Volume & Long Term Discounts Available

Great for keeping in touch with your meeting staff without using their personal phones and airtime and perhaps roaming charges, or perhaps you need one for yourself, we have these nice, compact, and easy to use cellular telephones available for rent. Purposely not too fancy, just a nice size rental cell phone that gets the job done without too much of a learning curve. If you're searching for a cell phone rental on Maui, you've come to the right place! Limited supply. Reserve yours today!  

What's Included
• Charger
• Carry bag
• Unlimited calls, text/picture messaging, and 411 directory assistance within the US.
• Support, Every day of the year!

Available as an option:
• International calling: 75¢ per minute