Kenwood Walkie-Talkie Two-Way Radio

• Push-to-talk, compact radio communications!

$75/day -  $150/week   •    Click for Quote
Volume & Long Term Discounts Available

So important for large events, our two-way radio rentals keep you in touch with your staff with just a push of a button. No dialing, no voicemail, no per-minute charges! Just push the talk button and your message is relayed immediately to everyone! And our Maui rental radios are easy to use by everyone including your 300-lb security detail to your lovely welcome greeter.

Choose direct radio-to-radio for short-range line-of-sight coverage, or add a roof-top repeater for property and resort-wide coverage. From just two walkie-talkie radios to fifty or more, we've got your communication needs covered! Delivered, setup, and supported, right here on Maui! Reserve yours today!  

What's Included
• Spare Batteries
• Integrated Belt-clip
• Individual Charger
• Rack/gang-charger for multiple radio charging
• Support, Every day of the year!

• Ear-mics
• Rooftop Repeater & Antenna


General Features

  • 4W, 450-490 MHz
  • Conventional & LTR® Zones
  • 128 Channels / 128 Zones (Conventional)
  • 250 GID / 128 Zones (Trunked)
  • 8 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
  • DTMF / 2-Tone Decode / Encode
  • 500 mW Audio Power
  • 4 Front Panel PF Keys
  • 3 Side PF Keys